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You're all clear, kid. Now lets blow this thing and go home.

I was able to download the pictures from the digital camera by hooking it up to another desktop, snagging the pictures, copying them over to a portable harddrive, and then transferring the files back over to the laptop. I then spent a good chunk of time resizing all of them and then uploading the lot up to the scrapbook. It wasn't much fun, but at least it's all done and I don't have to keep worrying about it. That means I'll be able to start and finish the Gencon recap over the next few days. I know some people have been anxious for me to get to the point already.

Oh, and I just found out yesterday that Connie seems to have started a miniblog where she displays pictures of Maddie. I mentioned a while back that she had gotten a bunch of these little baby shirts, each with a different numbered month on them. I guess the point is to remind you to take pictures at each time point so you have a retrospective one day. Well, Connie's certainly done so and popped up a few representative images. If you want to check it out, just pop on over to Maddie's Pad.

It's funny, but she still looks like a boy in many of her pictures. Not to mention that she seems to drastically change in appearance from picture to picture sometimes. If I didn't know better, I certainly wouldn't have thought it was the same kid all the way through. Connie and Jeff are up vacationing in Maine this week and there's a beach shot. I'm told that Maddie greatly dislikes sand and freaks out when she's forced to touch it. I feel more or less the same way about sand. Maybe it's something genetic.
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