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A Q-tip poked my brain. It didn't help.

I went to the pain specialist yesterday and overall, I was pretty happy with the experience. I hate seeing new doctors. In the past, they've never been all that helpful and I end up feeling like the freakshow on display. The latter part didn't much change, though I guess I should just be happy they weren't marching fucking residents in and out to gawk.

For the first time, I ran into a doctor who I didn't get the impression was holding back or riding the brake when it came to pain meds. I came out of the whole situation with a script for upping the pain patch and another for a hundred perc'ies. It's clear that the effect of the patch at the current dose is majorly backsliding. The breakout pain is almost guarenteed to occur multiple times a day now and the intensity is increase. The worst episode to date was this morning/right now. The pain is pretty unbelievable and is very reminiscent of how it was before the patches. It's just a stabbing pain. The best way I can describe it, is it's like standing in the surf of a beach and being hit by waves. Just as I manage to brace myself and get past one hit, I can already see the next one rolling up just a few seconds behind.

The reason that this is all the more disappointing is because I had two huge q-tips stuffed up my nose yesterday. This might not sound like much of a treatment plan but apparently has a long history as far as pain management goes. The idea is that since a cluster of nerves that carry pain impulses goes past the septum, you can apply an anesthetic to it and bring pain relief. The doctor I went to see runs a clinic using the procedure and offered to try it out for me. I spent around 10 minutes on my back with 4 inches of q-tip stuffed up my nose. It felt ridiculous but I had nothing else to lose and the potential effect sounded near miraculous. It was supposed to offer pain relief for up to 6 weeks after a single procedure. Considering how I'm feeling this morning, I think I can safely say that it was a flop.

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