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I want a pie in the sky

There was a research study I remember reading about years ago. It took a bunch of kids from different socioeconomic levels and asked them to estimate the physical dimensions of various denominations of currency. What they found was that the poor kids tended to overestimate the size of money and the bigger the bill or coin, the larger they thought it was. The take away message is pretty much that old adage where the only people who say money doesn't matter are those with a lot of it. I experienced a little of that today as I took a look at my online bank account and watched the deposits of interest. Sure, it's only 3% and certainly it's not a huge amount of money, but I got this sort of warm glow just knowing it's sitting there and accumulating.

It's sad really when I think about it. Here I am getting all excited over tens of dollars where if my life hadn't gotten so flocked up, I'd probably be raking in the cash somewhere. I mean, there's no guarantees or anything but if education is any prediction, I probably would have done very well. My sisters all have high paying jobs and are doing well in lives of their own. There's no reason to believe that I wouldn't have thrived as well in one way or another. Oh well.

Some say the glass is half empty. Some say the glass if half full. Some of us dropped our glasses and it's just shards on the floor.
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