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Not even for a million bucks

I'm watching Can't Buy Me Love on tv right now and I'm feeling all nostalgic. I absolutely love this movie. It reminds me of those happier and naive days of yore back when I hadn't yet realized that women are evil and love is for chumps. Of course, if you want to view this movie cynically, the main message is probably still true and that it all comes down to money and shallow fluff. Still, it just seems like it was a better time. I must admit that I don't miss the big hair part of it though.

I'm a bit annoyed to see that there was actually a remake of this movie made according to the Wiki site. I just don't get the whole fascination with remaking films. Aren't there enough good ideas out there that you don't have to keep stealing from the past? I'm trying to decide whether I should snag a copy of the remake. On one hand, I'm sorta curious. On the other, I just know it's going to piss me off so maybe I should spare myself the aggravation.
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