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Crazy or not?

I decided a while back to let a couple of my toenails grow without ever cutting them. I've been curious how long they'll actually grow if simply left alone. I blame this partly on some Ripley's tv show I saw where they had this freakish woman with huge nails that she had to oil daily so they wouldn't snap and break off. So far, mine are still pretty puny by those standards, but semi-freakish by normal toenail standards. I think it's mostly the fact that all the others nearby are trimmed so they look big by comparison. My family thinks I'm insane but it seems like a nice, low impact hobby to me. I mean, it's not like I've named the toenails or anything. That might be a bit too far. Hmmmm. Maybe I'll have a contest to name them one of these days. If they survive.
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