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Not an auspicious omen

So Maddie has said her first word. My sister wasn't exactly thrilled about her vocab selection. It just sounds a little strange when you tell people that your kid's first word is the Chinese equivalent of 'boobie' or nipple. I'm sure she would have preferred if it were mama or something of the like. It was probably inevitable really. Kids repeat the words they hear and Maddie's had a lot of exposure to my mom and grandma and they both refer to her bottle as 'boobie'.

I'm actually sort of curious how people even determine what a kid's first word is nowadays. Are you supposed to wait for a real multi-syllabic word or do things like ma-ma or da-da (or whatever basic sound) really count? I'm sure if it's the latter then there are probably very few different first words(within a language anyway).

In addition to her verbal acrobatics, she's also started to almost walk. She can't quite stand on her own without support but it can't be long now. One of her favorite toys right now is a little toy shopping cart and she happily pushes it around the house. She can't quite manage turns yet and so she marches along in a straight line until she bangs into some immovable object. Then it's the job of whoever is nearby to turn her around and off she waddles again.

She's become a really fun and entertaining kid now that she's no longer screaming her head off at the smallest provocation. I almost never hear her really crying nowadays. She fakes it occasionally when she's unhappy about something but that's it.
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