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Who wants to mingle with me?

I haven't really make many entries lately. Well, not all that many compared to normal. Now days go by in between entries and I'm not sure that it's really a bad thing. I often get the whole LJ = echochamber feeling and believe it or not, it actually takes some effort to babble.

There are other reasons why I haven't posted much. One reason is that I've been completely obsessed playing The World Ends With You, which is a RPG on the nintendo DS. It's pretty fantastic. It's the best 'new game' I've played in quite a while. Most of the others I've enjoyed lately have been followups in a series like the new Ratchet and Clank or one of a multitude of Final Fantasy's. The nice thing about TWENY is that it breaks new ground with an interesting battle system where you have to try to control two characters at the same time on two different screens. The top is controled with the direction pad and the bottom with the stylus. It seems like complete chaos at first but you do pick it up after a while and there's a good amount of depth to it. There's also a system to collect 'pins' which are the equivalent of spells. That sort of thing always triggers my OCD need to be a completionist so I've been spending a ton of time trying to catch 'em all.

The other reason I haven't posted as much is less pleasant. Despite the increase on the patch dosage, it seems to be having less and less effect. Breakthrough pain is a daily occurrence and I'm back to popping 3-4 codeine/percocet a day. Things seem to be getting worse based on the symptomology, even if you ignore the whole pain thing. I only have 11 days worth of the patch left and I'll need to somehow get a refill. I have a scheduled appointment at the moment but it's in December. The receptionist was supposed to keep an eye out for cancellations and give me a ring if one popped up. Since i haven't heard from her, I can only assume that things continue to be busy or she's completely forgotten and blown me off. I'll have to call over and find out which it is on Monday.

Oh, and one of my pet toenails broke. I didn't exactly mourn or anything but it was still sort of sad. This whole growing nails thing might just be harder than I thought it would be.
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