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Off to the cripple farm

It seems like there are a ton of things lately that need to be done. Well, from my perspective anyway. I don't usually have a packed schedule after all. On Friday I have to go to the dentist to see what can be done about the chipped tooth. Ubercon is also on Friday and will run the length of the weekend. I've, once again, volunteered to run a bunch of games there and won't be able to bail. I don't think things will be all that bad anyway if I just keep popping drugs by the handful. Then on tuesday I have to go to the Social Security office so they can ask me inane questions for the yearly review and in the afternoon I have a doctor's appointment with the chronic pain guy.

Frankly, I'm not sure which of these events I'm looking forward to the least. Going to the SSA office is always like visiting what I imagine purgatory must be like. Endless lines and that horrible bureaucracy that tarnishes the soul of anyone in contact with it. Then there's the dentist which doesn't take nearly as long but has that added spice of lightly tinged horror and the prospect of pain. Finally there's the visit to the doctor, which has its own unique set of horrors. At least I can hope that now we got the whole strip and poke part done with the first visit, I can just get my pills and patches and go.

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