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If I could shoot deathbeams from my eyes, there'd be corpses everywhere

So the past week or so has been sort of a wash with positives and negatives. The main upside is that I had the chipped tooth taken care of and all it took was some dental cement. I'll probably never forget the smell of that stuff after using it to cement the heads of so many rats during surgery. Now I have a chunk of it in my mouth sealing up the hole. I wonder if it's pink like the stuff I used to work with.

Also on the positive side of the ledger is I went to the doctor and got some more drugs. I let him know that the increase in dosage for the pain patch wasn't really working. I'm still having breakthrough pain multiple times a day and over the past couple of days the severity of it had been increasing. He decided to ditch the patch for the time being and prescribed me a month's worth of Oxycontin, aka hillbilly heroin. I haven't had the prescription filled yet so I have no clue if it's going to work. It feels weird having a 'script for a drug that I know would be worth hundreds on the street. Again, I'm just brought back to the fact that it doesn't seem fair that there are so many people out there who seem to derive enjoyment from meds that never seem to do a damn thing for me in that area. Shouldn't I get at least a little euphoria or something? It just seems like a big waste overall. I've got to take the drugs anyway for pain management. You'd think I could benefit a little on the side too.

As for the downsides of the past week, I ended up missing my appointment at the SSA. In my last entry I wrote that the appointment was on tuesday earlier this week because that's what I recalled. Turns out that I must've gotten thursday and tuesday mixed up in my head so I actually missed it. The appointment had been the previous week and I'm not sure exactly what to do now. Calling up the place is always an exercise in futility. The last time I tried i was on hold for something like 4 hours and still never got a straight answer. I'm thinking it might be best just to show up there and sit around hoping that an on the spot appointment can sort things out. The downside there is that I could end up waiting for hours and then not have it mean a thing since the person assigned to my case could be out that day. What I'd really like to do is just pretend the notice had been lost in the mail, allowing me to avoid having to think about this and go into procrastination mode. I would if I didn't harbor the lingering thought that it'd end up biting me in the ass somehow.

Lastly, ubercon was a mixed sort of event. Overall the con went pretty well and the last day was certainly a highlight. One of the guys there freaked out and we got into an argument. All in all, I figure it was a net positive. I didn't like the asshole anyway and now Ive got a spiffy anecdote to tell. Actually, I think I'll save it for the next entry in which I'll just recap ubercon really quick. No real reason to drag it out here.
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