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An icon used once a year

I don't even remember when I added this particular userpic to my collection but I'm pretty sure I've only used it one other time. It always seems a waste to upload these things and have them sit around when they get only a yearly airing out at best. I still have that Garfield trick or treat icon i made last year sitting around too. The reason that i haven't used them is that Halloween has been a complete bust this year. It hasn't so much as been a blip on my radar. It's not like I was actually going to get a costume or go out trick or treating or anything, but this year the entire holiday seems to have just snuck up on me. It's over before I even gave it a moment's thought.

It's sort of sad really. Halloween nowadays just isn't the same as it used to be. It used to be a holiday for huge roving bands of kids to go around the neighborhood and score treats. Now it's mostly a holiday for women to dress like whores and adults to get completely shitfaced at parties. Is there a single costume advertised to women for this holiday that doesn't have the prefix 'sexy' attached to it? Sexy nurse, sexy pirate, sexy teacher, sexy dental hygienist. I have nothing against sexy per se, but it seems to have gotten a little out of control. I just miss the good old days when Halloween wasn't so full of booze and debauchery. Not that most parents would let their kids have a good old fashioned Halloween anyway. They'd just be worried that junior would get shived or kidnapped by the local pedophile. Each year there are less and less trick or treaters. The doorbell only rang a half dozen times tonight whereas when I was a kid in this neighborhood, it was pretty much nonstop from the time school let out to 10pm. It's just a different era I guess.
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