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November Surprise

Well, I guess if I want to say anything about this election without knowing the results, I pretty much have to jot it down now. The polls will start closing in 7 minutes along the eastern seaboard, and I figure we'll get a winner pretty quickly. I can't help but wish for an upset, not only because I don't want Obama to win, but because i'd love to see the entire media establishment eat crow over this. They've all but declared it over for well over a month now and every poll has shown that people overwhelming believe that the media is in the bag for Obama. You just can't help but want to see them fail and have to deliver those mea culpas the next day.

All in all, i've always been a bit ambivalent about an Obama win. i can't help but hope that a win might actually bring about some tangental benefits like causing sharpton and Jackson to shut the fuck up. It certainly must be harder to beat the whole this is a racist society drum if you have a black president, right? I dunno about the rest of you but i'm already looking forward to trotting out that stalking horse the next time i get into a debate about race and racism. There should be at least some sortof benefit to come out of this whole thing.

Besides, i've come to wonder if maybe conservatives aren't better at being the ones that hold a majority in check than actually being the majority. Many people have pointed out that the republicans have seemed to lost their way when it came to the whole smaller government thing. It's hard to starve the beast when you are the beast. It might be better if we end up being the people riding the brake rather than driving the car as far as fiscal and social policy is concerned. Frankly, it's probably going to be a fucked up four years no matter what. If Obama keeps all of his election promises, this country is going to go to hell. he's made commitments (read; lied) to just about everyone and there's no way he can meet all of his claims. It's going to be a bumpy ride.
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