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Yay! Black Power!

Obama won, you bitches! That's right, you fucking white honky bastards. Now you're going to pay for all those years of oppression and get what's coming to you. With my nigga in the white house, it's the time for all of us minorities to rise up and shiv you mutha fuckin', white bread, cracker asses. No more ideal minority, oppressed by your rules and expectations. Now it's crack and bitches and getting my shit on. Viva la revolution!

The above will be my cover story in case the world does go to hell in a handbasket and Obama sends out gangbangers to put all whiteys and sellouts into concentration camps. It might be sort of a hard sell as an asian, but I figure as long as there are stupid black men out there who like those martial arts flicks and crap, we can get a pass, ingratiating ourselves by saying that yes, we are related to Jackie Chan and we do know kung-fu. That's right. Banana and twinkie no more. Hmmm. What's yellow on the outside and black on the inside? A banana that's been left out for too long and started to rot? Hell, i'll just go with the safety and adopt chiggerhood.
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