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Need more cement for the wall

Today was pretty crappy overall. I ended up missing the game day at the Panera due to pain issues. i'm still not sure exactly what happened but it was the worst case of breakthrough pain I've had in ages. I even counted out all the oxy pills just to make sure that it wasn't a case of forgetting to take one the night before. I was completely incapacitated and ended up popping pills like crazy. They eventually kicked in and had the net effect of zonking me out for around 5-6 hours. I only managed to claw my way back to consciousness a couple hours ago and I'm still feeling a bit muddleheaded and sleepy.

So, on to something else that might actually interest someone. Over the past few weeks, I ended up watching every single episode of the old X-men animated series and evolution. I've never been a fan of comics. In fact, I've always felt sort of offended by them. It seemed like they catered to morons who couldn't be trusted to actually read a book and had to be tempted in with pictures. Maybe that's why I never cared for them. I've always been more interested in words and plots and storylines than art. I've never quite understood how people spend all that time looking at artbooks when I simply glance, get the point, and move on. It's the same reason i've never been a fan of Manga. I've tried....i've really tried, but since the story is what's important to me, I tend to breeze through them too quickly for it to really be satisfying.

Anyway, despite my dislike for comics in general, I do like cartoons and I've alwyas been interested in the Marvel universe. What's not to like about the idea of people running around with super powers, right? After all, I've always wanted the ability to fly and shoot death beams out of my eyes. Actually, out of all super heroes, I always thought that the green lantern might be best. No ridiculous mutations or anything weird that might negatively affect fitting into society. All you need is a power ring and that funny looking lantern to charge it. I could even handle that whole no yellow thing. I've never liked yellow as a color anyway. I'm not all that fond of green either but I'm willing to compromise until a Blue Lantern comes along.

My recent exposure into X-men lore was pretty entertaining. I never realized before just how insane the storylines are. It reads like a soap opera gone spastic. If I ever become a mutant or superhero I've learned that 1) never have kids and if you fail at #1, then you should at least never let them visit the future. Trust me. No good comes of it.

There were also some other things I took away from the show. First, i'm not sure how any sane person could be against a mutant registration act. I actually feel bad for the humans in the series. These poor bastards live in a world where these costumed nutjobs consistently blow up buildings and cause billions of dollars in property damage. I understand that there are good mutants and bad mutants, and people shouldn't be all lumped into one bunch for collective punishment, but there should at least be a registry somewhere so you know who the people are and what their powers do the next time something blows up. I know that sort of sentiment is supposed to be synonymous with the anti-gay movement, but I think it's just common sense. If gay people or straight people or purple people ran around with the ability to cause buildings to explode, I'd like to think that the police or someone should at least be aware of the ability. I guess it's sort of like being forced to have a gun license.

In the end, watching all of that X-men made me a bit wistful. i really would like to have some super powers. I would even happily submit to a random draw. Maybe it'll be horrible and I'll end up with 10 eyes and a club foot with only the mutant ability turn carrots into cucumbers, but I think it'd be worth the risk. Hell, the chance for a healing factor alone would be great. Besides, what's the worst that some sort of mutant gene could do to me anyway? I'm already practically a shut-in in a lot of ways. True, I'm not living in a sewar somewhere, but i figure just staying in the house would work just as well.

So what super mutant power would you want?

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