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I just finished eating a roast beast beef sub and I'm feeling sorta wistful. You might think it's sort of odd that anyone would eat a sub sandwich at 5am in the morning, but my schedule's always been a bit wonky. I conked out for most of the day and only crawled my way back to wakefulness around 2 hours ago. While I was asleep, Shelley had come back the house and dropped off some sub sandwiches. That came in handy since I hadn't eaten anything past breakfast. I just don't like roast beef though. I know that it's considered a higher grade meat than simply ham or bologna, but I just don't care for it. So while I'm appreciative I had something to eat, I can't help but feel sort of wistful at the same time it wasn't something else. Hell, I would have taken just about anything else that would come from a sub shop.

Roast Beef just tastes sort of bland and bleh to me. I guess that's a function of being raised with conglomerates pushing processed food on the population. I just need more salt and chemicals in my meat products to really enjoy it. It's just not the same when you know it hasn't been protruded through some sort of giant mincing machine and then form pressed into some artificial shape after being put through the equivalent of a chemistry lab. I know it's not in vogue but I like having my food massaged by science to taste just right. The fact that it's usually cheaper that way is just a happy coincidence.

I guess it's like the reverse of that hippie organic movement who seems to believe that as long as it popped out of mother nature's anus and comes directly to your plate afterwards, it must be a better product. At the Bill's Halloween party, I got into a conversation with some people about a local organic farm where they buy their produce from. The idea is that you pay X amount of money and get a share of the produce they put out each year. It's almost like commune farming except most of the people don't actually do any work and just pay money for the privlege. When tomatoes are grown, each person paying into the collective gets a bushel (or whatever) of tomatoes. Anyway, they kept rambling on about how much better the organics taste compared to what they find in a supermarket to which I immediately called bullshit. All the studies show that people can't really taste the difference between organic and non-organic, and yet there's this pervasive hippie myth that one is so much better than the other. It's just willful stupidity IMO. It's one thing if going to the organic farm or whatever provides you with a different product, like perhaps a strain or variety of the fruit/vegetable you can't readily get at a supermarket, but to get the exact same damn thing and pay more for it is just ridiculous. It's like those Whole Foods monkeys who I hope are now paying through the teeth for their ridiculous elitism.

In the end though, it's their money and they can spend it however they want. I'm not against them having the choice. What bothers me if that they often snobbishly believe that what they're consuming is somehow better and superior, which is what often ends up driving me up a wall. It's like that South Park episode with the Prius and those smug assholes in San Francisco. I'm all for a good idiocy tax in cases like this if only the extra money was going to something worthwhile. In the end, it just props up whackyass hippie nutjobs and that should be avoided whenever possible.
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