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To protect and serve you a can of whupass

The Shield if almost over. It's the last season of the show and there are only two episodes left. I've made a few entries about the show before which have always ended up being disappointing. It's a fantastic tv show and yet, it doesn't seem to have a good fan base. I've found very few people who have so much as seen a single episode. A couple weeks ago I was in the car and heard some entertainment reporter on NPR extolling it. He was also lamenting the fact that the show still felt like a virtual unknown upon the population. He listed it as one of the best shows on television, but almost immediately had to follow that up with suggesting that new viewers not watch the current season because they'd have no farging clue what in the world was going on. That's what happens when you have a seven year long plot that's tied as tightly as The Shield has been.

The show started in the wake of the whole police corruption scandals in the LAPD. The original title was actually supposed to be Rampart, a reference to the Rampart division that was at the center of a scandal. The interesting thing is that the show didn't decide to just go with a black and white hit piece on the police. If anything, most people who watch the show are on the side of Vic Mackey, the head 'dirty cop' of the series. God knows that after watching the show I actually felt that maybe some of the crime centrals in our country could use a few more dirty cops in that vein. Results are what matters, right? What Vic gets beyond anything else are results.

What everyone has wondered from the very first episode is how it'll all turn out in the end. Will Vic end up paying for his various crimes or will he manage to get away with it. I don't envy the writers in a case like this. I only hope they don't come up with some cop-out ending. It should all come to a head and I can't wait to see where the chips fall.
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