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If I die before I wake

I just stumbled over a couple of lollypops that I picked up while at Ubercon. One of the dealer tables there had them spread about, leftover from Free Comic Book Day. I, of course, snagged a couple and took them home. I have nothing else interesting to do so I thought I'd have a grape lollypop. It tastes....well...sort of weird. Almost mediciney, if I can invent a word. I'm not a huge fan of grape overall and I tend to associate it with cough medicines and overly artificial flavors. Still, just in case this candy has been adulterated with some sort of limb-twisting poison, I thought I'd jot a quick note here so someone will know what to tell the police to tip them off if I drop dead.

More than a few of you are probably wondering why I just don't chuck it out if I think it tastes odd. That's a good question and I guess the only real answer is I'm bored and why not. Also, it doesn't taste horrible, just a little odd. It's like a weird little aftertaste to it that makes me think of cough syrup.
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