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Eco-terrorists should be shot

Few things piss me off as much as eco-terrorists. I loathe those assholes and I only wish that it were legal to hunt them down like rabid dogs. In my opinion, they rank even lower than those hadji assholes who go around blowing up planes in the name of Allah. At least those people might have real injustices at the core of some of their complaints. They often live in poverty and suffer oppression, though some of it is well-deserved. In comparison, eco-terrorists are usually compromised of the smugly affluent who search for some fleeting meaning to their ridiculously useless lives. Save the whales, owning pets is slavery, cutting down trees is murder, etc. These people repulse me. You often hear these whackjobs state that animals or even trees and plants are equivalent to or superior to actual people. Not even those Muslim fundy assholes go that far. They just think you're a infidel who will burn in Hell one day. They don't think that a random tomato plant is somehow your moral superior.

What got me fuming is the new Animal Planet show, Whale Wars. It basically follows a group of eco-terrorists as they attack Japanese whaling/research ships in the Antarctic. These spazzbots hurl acid and other volatiles, as well as physically attacking the ships and trying to damage them by fouling the props. I just can't believe this crap is on tv. It's like seeing the history channel decide to do a pro-al qaeda show where they follow a terrorist cell going around and as they try to blow up buses full of school children. It might not be possible to apply national laws to the actions of the eco-terrorists since they're in international waters, but I think the government should bring the smack down on Animal Planet. It's a felony to provide material support to terrorists. Animal Planet has clearly done that in giving a positive platform to these assholes. The FCC should yank their license and whoever planned this venture should go to jail.
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