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The more I deal with pain issues the more I'm aware that there are really two types of pain relief. There's the kind where the pain diminishes and/or goes away and that matches what most people think of when they think of pain relief. Then there's the type I get more often which is where the pain is minimal but only if I stay stationary and sprawled on a bunch of pillows. I almost never get the former anymore and I'm not even sure that popping a big handful of pills can get me to that point. In most cases, the more limited type of analgesia is enough since it's not like I live an active lifestyle. The real problem is that I couldn't even if I wanted to and that's sort of disturbing. Earlier today I had an invite to go out to lunch with some family and there was just no way even with a good amount of drugs on board. I'm not sure it'll make a functional difference but i really could use a dosage increase.

Right now I'm on 20 mg of the hillbilly heroin which, over the course of its 12 hour duration, is only the equivalent of 10 mg of codeine a hour. According to wiki: OxyContin is available in 5 mg (blue), 10 mg (white), 15 mg (black), 20 mg (pink), 30 mg (brown), 40 mg (orange), 60 mg (red), and 80 mg (green) in the U.S. It sounds like a pharmaceutical rainbow and right now, I could use a color boost. It's almost sad how much I need this stuff. According to the DEA, the street value of a 40 mg tablet is about $40. That means that my full prescription would be worth $600 each month. No wonder so many people end up being tempted enough to sell their meds.
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