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It's beginning to feel a lot like christmas

Right after christmas last year the lego store had a sale on those advent calendars and I ended up buying around a dozen of them. Since then they've sat down in the basement and now I'm finally going to try to offload them all. I always liked the idea of advent calendars but I never actually had any as a kid. We celebrated Christmas early on, but it was always pretty half-assed. It's not like any of us were christians after all and the holiday was just one of those secular things you had to do so you didn't end up scarring your kids for life. As we got older, my parents pretty much ditched the whole thing much to my disapointment.

Anyway, I always thought the idea of an advent calendar fit my idealized version of the holiday season. I can just see the happy family gathering each night so the kids can open the new door and collect their little present, counting down the days. No wonder the holiday season always end up depressing the hell out of me. I swallowed and internalized a lot of sappy christmas tripe as a kid and it's always disappointing when reality fails to match up. If not all of the calendars sell, I'm tempted to actually open one of them up for myself. I'm not sure that won't just be more depressing than doing nothing though.
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