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WSoP Main Event Winner: Not me

I finally caught the conclusion to the World Series of Poker Main Event last night. I had been following the competition on ESPN for months now. The basic idea is that anywhere from 6 to 9 thousand people gather in Las Vegas and pay $10,000 each for the chance to win fame and fortune playing No Limit Texas Hold 'em. There are also dozens of other smaller events playing a variety of games, but the main event is what everyone talks about. It's prime time and what hooks each and every schlub out there watching in tv land is the thought that it could be them.

In that way, poker is different than a lot of different 'sports'. You don't really need skill or talent in order to thrive, at least for a single day. As any of the poker pros will tell you, during any single tournament, luck probably beats skill more than 10 to 1. Across a year or a lifetime though, your average lucky schlub will be living in the equivalent of debtors prison. Still, you only need to win once.

The whole tournament poker boom can be traced back 5 years ago when a unknown and dumpy-looking accountant named Chris Moneymaker (how's that for a name?) won it all at the World Series. Millions of people watching on tv had the same thought. If this talentless hack can win millions of dollars playing poker, then why can't I? Ever since the number of people playing has exploded and you can find a poker game on any night in any city in the country.

I'm attracted to poker for the same reason all those nameless millions were and are. Wouldn't it be great to be able to play poker and actually make money at it? I've thought about gambling online plenty of times but the problem is that I have the one quality that makes it impossible for me to ever really try playing poker or anything of the sort. I'm afraid to lose. It's funny really. You would think that I have very little to lose really and could take a risk. I mean, it's not like I have a house or mortgage or plenty of expensive possessions I could lose. There is nothing to really stop me from going out in a blaze of debtor's glory. There would be almost no consequences in the long run. It could almost be like a free roll.
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