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Screw you pepsi

I've been collecting those fucking Pepsi Stuff points for ages now and I don't have a whole lot to show for it. Part of it is due to the fact that I don't end up buying bottles of pepsi all that often. It's not like I run across vending machines on a daily basis (or ever). That means that my points usually come from 2-liter bottles or 24-packs of cans. That's not a speedy way to accumulate them and I went to enter some codes today for only a grand total of 32. That gets me absolutely zilch as far as the redemption ladder goes. I thought about perhaps entering a few of the sweepstakes for a hail mary only to get a message that all of them were over and that the entire program was ending in a month. All points not used by the end of the year will expire. That means that despite downing all of that pepsi, I'll have ended up with absolutely nothing.

The items available for redemption have shrunk down, and even a small keychain that only costs $13 on the site would require 75 points, more than double what I have right now. The only thing I could get are music downloads, which I have no interest in at all. Is there anyone else in the same boat or who wants a bunch of music downloads? Or, I don't suppose you have a stack of un-entered pepsi point codes that you haven't used yet and could get me up to 75? I just hate the idea of having all the points expire and have gotten nothing out of it. It cheeses me off bigtime.
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