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Wasted time

It's always this time of year, right around Thanksgiving, that I'm reminded of the fact that yet another LJ anniversary has passed. I've now been writing in this boondoggle for 5 years and change. I'm never sure it was a productive use of time but it has the force of inertia behind it now. Besides, I ended up buying a perm account which means I still have something like 4 and a half years to go until I break even on my money. It might not be the most profound reason to continue on blogging, but it's a reason.

The disturbing thing about blogging for me is that I'm almost certain I will never go back and read my old entries. I've never been all that interested in rehashing the past. That being the case, I'm never really sure exactly why I jot down my thoughts here. I always assumed most people kept journals because one day they can look back and try to recapture the person they were at a different point of time and life. I'm pretty indifferent about those differences. The past is past and probably best forgotten.
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