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Welcome to hell, please try the quiche

Yesterday's trip to Randy's place for his birthday party was pretty horrible. Things are definitely getting far worse as far as the medical problems go. Even popping enough pills to knock a crackhead on his ass, I was unable to get to a functional level. The pain was a significant problem the entire time and I found it impossible to even be able to stand up straight. I ended up leaning on things the entire day and by the end of the night, just flopped on the floor in the dining room while everyone wandered off to play Werewolf.

The worst part about this whole thing is that I'm not sure if the severe problems are just temporary or sort of permanant. It's hard to tell and the past is not much help. If it's permanent, the only possible solution is surgery where they can dig out the chunk of flesh that's making the whole standing thing problematic. If it's temporary, then hopefully the problems will start to subside and I can get some more mobility in that joint back. Not being able to flex the leg straight is not only painful but exhausting. Imagine having to constantly limp around a little bent over. It's not fun. I've reached a whole new level of incapacitation.
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