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A saner retread

So in the previous entry I didn't actually talk a lot about the party itself. I was feeling a bit more freaked at the time and there were some severe pain issues. My meds have kicked in a bit and I'm a little more even keeled. That's not to say the night wasn't very difficult from a functionality point of view. I found it impossible to stand up straight and ended up limping about or more often leaning on a chair.

It was nice to get a chance to see everyone again. As things have gotten worse, I become more and more of a shut-in, and I don't get to see friends as often. I try to still make a couple of events every month but it becomes harder and harder. The usual suspects were at Randy's party along with a couple of people I've never met before. I spent some time talking with another guy there who was also young but on disability as well. I'm not sure that I ever found out what his exact medical issue was but functionally, he has some similar problems where he can't spend a lot of time walking and has problems with pain. He was probably younger than me by around 5 years and I felt sort of ambivalent about the whole thing. On one hand, it's nice to see someone who's in a similar position to me of having to be on disability while still relatively young. On the otherhand, I always feel a bit...envious? disgruntled? when I find someone who seems to be in boat but is more functional than I am. I imagine it's sort of like having a quadriplegic being sort of pissy about a paraplegic. It's just hard not to feel sort of Job like.

There was a lot of different types of food at the party with many people bringing various dishes. That's also something I sort of feel bad about. I'm pretty much a moocher when it comes to events like this. I don't cook and I seldom end up bringing anything. I almost never end up leaving the house and so my opportunities to pick something up is always iffy. About the only thing that would work would be a drive-through on the way there and I just can't see bringing a sack of hamburgers as being anything other than ridiculous. I really should contribute something more to these events and it sort of gnaws at me sometimes when I think about it.

As for Randy's birthday, I picked him up a copy of Dragon Quest IV for the DS. He had posted in the evite that the only gaming system he didn't have was an Xbox 360. Unfortunately, he was thinking about consoles only and not portables. So it turns out that he doesn't have a DS, and my gift ends up being a flop. I guess all I can do is try to get it swapped somewhere. With black friday coming up, a lot of stores are easing up on their exchange/return policy. That should make it easier since I bought the game from an online store and exchanging it there would not only take a lot of time but require return postage. The nice thing is the game is still very new and the retail value is high so he can probably end up swapping it for close to whatever he wants.
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