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Government employees

I fucking loathe this one woman at the post office. She's been a massive dick every time I've run across her but our interaction has hit a new low over the past week. Because of the coasters and other items, I end up shipping packages on a regular basis. I used to have someone bring them to the post office for me but that was always an imposition. A few months ago I shifted over to paying for my packages online and then requesting a carrier pickup of the items. Because I tend to be more active at night, I often pack up items and print out postage in the middle of the night and then have someone place it out on the porch in the morning. There was a miscommunication late last week and the packages weren't placed out. The carrier could very easily have just rung the doorbell or something but instead I get a phone call from bitchasaurus later that afternoon. She was incredibly snide and threatened to no longer allow carriers to deliver to the home if a package was ever missing again.

It was partly due to her attitude that I decided to make a special trip to the post office to mail an international package. I had never paid for international shipping online before and the forms that printed out were odd. I wanted to make sure that there wouldn't be any problems so I schlepped it there and another postal employee helped me out. Earlier today I shipped another international package, prepped just like the last one, and had the carrier pick it up. Around a hour ago I got a phone call from the bitchasaurus. Despite the fact that there were multiple forms with the sendee's address on it, she claimed that she couldn't accept it unless I hand wrote the address on the box. I ended up having to go over there and pick up the package if I wanted to get the item shipped tonight. Another postal employee handed me the package and gave me a shrug, saying that he couldn't figure out why she would want me to come in just to jot the address down on the box. The line ended up being huge and standing there was not a thrill for me give the pain issues. All in all, it was a huge ball of unpleasantness.

I _loathe_ that crazy bitch. I'm going to keep my thumbs crossed that someone at the post office decides to go postal and starts shooting. I'll wager dollars to donuts that she must fucking annoy her fellow employees as much as by the customers.
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