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When things become harder to do, I find that end up making more mistakes. It's just hard to double check things and then I end up finding out I fubar'ed it. I was selling the last of those Petunia Pickle Bottom bags left over from a year ago. Connie had picked them up at some sort of warehouse discount and I managed to foist around 90% of them off on the color (and style) blind women of eBay for her. I sold one of the two remaining last week and was pretty happy about it. At this point it's almost like found money. I got a message last night from the buyer saying she had received the wrong bag. I had messed up and stuck the wrong one in the priority mail box. Hell, they all look the same to me anyway. Ugly.

So now I have to figure out a way to get the bags swapped out. Either it'll cost me near $20 in additional shipping or, since the buyer is in the state, I've offered to drive down to her place and exchange the item in person. That won't be pleasant either but I figure with a good handful of pills and the prospect of saving some money on postage, it might be bearable. I just really need to stop making these dumbass errors. Just a few days before this most recent screwup I sent out one of those Advent Calendars in the wrong USPS box. At the best I figure they'll send me a bill for the difference in price. At the worst, it'll float around in crazy postal land only to wind up back on my doorstep in a week or so.

So enough of my screwups. Is anyone else going to hit the stores on Black Friday? I've never actually done a Black Friday shopfest before and I haven't seen any deals so fantastic that would be worth the effort. I think I'm going to check out a couple of the deal sites and see if there is something worthwhile. It would be nice to find something else to flip online.
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