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Holy cow

I was just reading an article on the consumerist about how consumer demand for airline flights has taken a nosedive lately. The drop in demand has lead to a softening of prices so I thought I'd go and take a look and see how much my annual flight to Chicago/gencon would cost me. Last year I think I paid something around $320 for my ticket. They're now pricing the trip at $777. That's un-fucking-believable. Add on a second checked bag fee and it's well over $800, a 250% increase.

I already know right now that there's no way I'm paying that much for my plane ticket. If the prices don't drop drastically, I'm going to have to make some alternative plans. Usually I fly into Chicago and then fly out of Indianapolis. It's been a really convenient way to work the trip in the past but I might have to change it so that I fly out of Chicago as well. I still can't believe they want $800. Christ.

Whoa. I redid the search and there was a huge price drop. I can only come to the conclusion that I must've typoed on something the first time around. Maybe I accidentally said I wanted to fly to Mars instead of Chicago. It turns out that the price listed is $339, something far more reasonable. It's still a good bit of an increase with that checked bag fee but at least now I won't go entirely insane.
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