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Turkey Lurky

Yesterday was the best thanksgiving meal I have ever had before. Shelley really outdid herself with the entire thing. The turkey was fantastic and leaps above what I've had before. When we were kids, we almost always had turkey for Thanksgiving but it wasn't really my mom's thing. Her method of cooking turkey went something like this.

  • Defrost the bird.

  • Wrap the ends of the drumsticks in tin foil.

  • Put turkey in oven.

  • Come back in 4-5 hours.

  • Serve.

Dry doesn't even begin to describe it. You had to really work at choking it down. It got so that no one really paid any attention to the turkey on Thanksgiving day. We were all waiting for the day after when we would make turkey rice. That basically involved boiling the entire carcass in a big pot until you had a really rich turkey soup. Then you end up adding a bunch of spices and a few cups of rice. Then you simmer the entire thing slowly for hours. It was delicious.

Anyway, Shelley's turkey this year was great. It was moist, buttery and seasoned really well. She also ended up making some really fantastic mac and cheese with pepperjack and bunches of other things. My only regret is that I couldn't eat any more and that I didn't score as much of the leftovers as I wanted. I dunno what ended up happening but I think someone ganked my share of the leftover mac and cheese.

I also made a vow to never bring board games to thanksgiving anymore. The past two years I've had requests to bring some games to play. Both times now, no one has wanted to participate or something else goes wrong so that nothing goes off. I'm sick and tired of hauling that crap back and forth for no reason.

After the meal we ended up pouring over the black friday ads. I thought about going out and camping out at a Best Buy for a laptop, but I just couldn't justify it. I just bought this laptop back in march and while it's not great, it's too new to just toss aside. I ended up going back home and doing some shopping online. I picked up a canon powershot 10 megapixel camera to replace the one that's no longer compatible with vista and then jumped on a $25 off $50 deal at Toys R Us where I picked up another couple DS games I was interested in. All in all, things went pretty good.
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