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The more you spend, the more you care

I'm not sure if I mentioned it but I finally offloaded all of the advent calendars last week. It was nice to see them out the door. Since then I've been trying to sell off some other things on ebay including my Flip Ultra. It's a wonderful camcorder, taking great video for the size and price. I took it with me to both Origins and Gencon this year and was very happy with the quality. The only reason I'm looking to sell it now is I just saw online that the new updated version is out. The Flip Mino takes video in HD, more than doubling the video size and also has an internal lithium battery. The entire thing has also gotten smaller and lighter, but that's of little consequence for me.

Usually, I'm never an early adapter. I hate the idea of paying more for something just because it's new and hip. For instance, I think anyone who bought an iPhone the first time around should get a Cat scan because they might have a brain tumor. That's the only way to explain dropping that much cash for what is essentially nothing more than a handheld status symbol. That said, why would I be picking up the new Flip Mino? Well, I think it's a steal at a little over $200. Other comparable camcorders range well into double that or more. Also, if I loved the ultra so much, this could only be better with the added specs. I only wish I had more of an opportunity to use it. I find that my career as a shut-in in training doesn't really provide for many video taking moments.

Yay! I bought my Flip Mino off of eBay. They were having a 40% off sale today which means I managed to pick it up for less than $150, or around $60 less than I would have gotten it for on Amazon. I'm also happy to report that my Flip Ultra sold just a few minutes ago so I can take that $80 and use it to offset the cost of the Flip Mino. Paying $70 for an upgrade like that sounds pretty spiffy to me. The whole thing might encourage me to take and post more videos.
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