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Once a year makes it more meaningful

Considering all the griping that I usually do about how much things generally suck (because they do), I thought I should take a moment to address what I'm thankful for. I started thinking about it, no surprise, on Thanksgiving and I just never got around to jotting it down. It seems that there is really only one thing in my whole life that I really have to be thankful for and that's family. The winds of fate and blind chance seem to have resulted in me being born into a family that, sometimes against all expectations, loves me. It certainly didn't have to have ended up that way as I'm sure millions around the world can attest to.

My family has provided care and support far beyond what I could have expected. It's no small part due to them that I'm still around and kicking. While my medical problems might not be fatal, they're awful enough that I'm not sure what I would do if I were somehow off on my own, all crippled and alone. Well, actually, I'm pretty sure I know what I would do which is why that last rainbow meme might have at least gotten one thing right. Still, as much as things suck for me, it can't be a cakewalk for them either. My parents no doubt had aspirations for all of their children to be successful and happy and I ended up being completely screwed as far as that goes. It can't be easy to come to the realization that I'll probably never accomplish much more in life than I already have. Well, barring some sort of miracle cure that comes out of the blue. The odds are good that I'll spend at least a good chunk of the rest of my life decrepit and if they feel at all bitter about that, it's never something they've directed at me.

It's not a bad time of year to remember that things could always be worse.
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