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I never got around to recapping the poker tourney this past saturday but you can assume from the delay that I didn't win. I actually did pretty well in the beginning, just like normal. I seem to always get off to a good start but then throw it away around halfway through the event. The real problem is that I play like crap. I never take the time to calculate odds and the minute I start going on a losing streak, my instinct is to throw all my chips into the middle and ride the poker table like a slot machine. What I should do is bring a cooking timer with me and set it to 2 minutes each time I'm in a hand so that I can't make a decision until the bell goes off. I'm sure that would infuriate my tablemates but it's probably the only way I could get myself to actually slow down and really rationally think about what to do next.

I will admit that I did at least go out in style. 4 people in the hand with 3 of us all in. I flopped a flush, someone else flopped a straight, a third flopped trips, and the last guy (who wasn't all in) had the nut flush draw. He managed to hit the bugger on the river or I would have managed to quadruple up. Just as well I didn't. It would have just prolonged the agony I guess.

Woot. I was just delivered some spiffy soup and dumplings so I will get back to this later

After washing out of the tournament, I stuck around and played a handful of board and card games. The Bills both showed up and the usual suspects were there for the most part. I didn't try anything all that impressive, mostly consisting of games I had played before. The only thing of note is I actually managed to win Race for the Galaxy a couple times. I still don't like it, but at least I'm not completely inept at it anymore.

Pain management was a major problem, like usual, and I spent a lot of time limping around. In the past, I could usually disguise the symptoms a bit more so this time around I had a lot of people asking me what was wrong. That's not exactly a lot of fun either.
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