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Caption contest

Ever see an image and think to yourself that it deserves to be made into a userpic? I already have one pornographic userpic and I'm not sure I should add any more. Still, the picture's so ridiculous it almost cries out for some form of captioning. Hell, if I actually had any skill at image editing I'm not sure I could resist the urge to animate the picture and have it swooping down to consume lego men or something.

Well, okay, since I've rambled on about the image for this long I'm sort of obligated to give you the chance to see it. I'd just like to preface this with saying that I was not looking for porn at the time. In fact, I blame smallvictories for this whole thing. She made a comment in her journal about 'loose lips' sinking ships and, well, it was sort of inevitable after that.

If you think of any good userpic captions or ideas, let me know.

My idea or caption for the image:

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