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In today's news

Starting from a few weeks before the election, I pretty much stopped reading the news. There wasn't anything interesting and if I read one more O-bot love letter I was going to puke. This self-imposed news blackout meant that I've missed a few things. I stumbled over a yahoo news page today and was shocked to find out that the price of oil had dropped to $40. It had been on the way down the last I checked but it had still been over a hundred dollars easy. The idea that it could fall like that was pretty amazing. Just think of all the speculators who must've taken an absolute bath on the deal. Man, that makes me smile. It's also nice to know those frakking camel jockeys have gotten their allowance cut. It might make it a bit harder for them to romp around opening madrassas and funding terror cells.

I also ran across another story that made me happy. It seems that this will be the last christmas any of us will have to see those frakking awful Bratz dolls. A judge ruled today that they have to issue a recall for all of their products after the holiday season and destroy all of their production machines for making more. Matel had won an injunction a while back because the Bratz people had stolen their intellectual property rights and the hammer finally fell. It couldn't have come too soon. I like to think of it as applying a generous dose of Whore-B-Gone. A holiday without Bratz costumes will also be sweet.

Feh. The only people who were happy about this particular trend were probably pedophiles.

Holy crap. OJ Simpson was found guilty? I dunno how that passed me by, even with the news blackout. It's about time that asshole got what was coming to him. I hope he enjoys assrape.

According to the article, he's going to be sentenced soon and the judge will have a pretty wide discretion as to how much time he gets. At the minimum, he's going to be someone's butt barbie for 6 glorious years. Since kidnapping was one of the charges he was convicted of, I imagine it can range up to 20 years.

You really have to boggle at the incredible gall and arrogance he displayed. He got away with a murder where the evidence was overwhelming. Almost anyone else would have thanked his lucky stars and kept a low profile after that. The idea that he thought he could go through with this Vegas scheme really puts his sanity at issue. If stupidity were a psychological condition, he'd be in a mental institution. I guess a penal institution is just as well. I'm hoping he gets shived.

Shit. Planned Parenthood is offering gift cards? WTF? I'm just not sure what the proper reaction is when you open up your present on christmas morning and find one of those. Surprise! We always knew you wanted an abortion and now Santa has brought you one. Like, yay! Or perhaps you could give the gift card to your 13 year old so she can pay for her first gynecological exam or something. It just seems nuts. Next thing you know you'll be able to buy a gift card for a prostate exam.

So much news.
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