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I just got back from the local supermarket and my first coinstar experience. They're running a promo where if you convert $40 worth of change into a gift certificate, you can get another $10 free as a rebate. Considering how much money I end up spending at Amazon, a gift certificate is just as good as cash and I can always use a little extra.

It was sorta fun mucking with the coinstar machine. I always used to like those coin sorting banks you got as a kid that would separate your change into different columns. I do think that the machine might have shortchanged me though. I made pretty sure that I had just enough quarters to make 2 exchanges of $40 each. It ended up telling me that 3 of my quarters were, in fact, nickels and there was also a magical penny that appeared out of nowhere. I might have possibly messed up mistaking a nickel for a quarter, but I can't see how a penny would have gotten in there. I ended up having to scramble about looking for loose change to make up the difference. It was a pretty close thing too. I ended up with a dime and a few pennies spare.

Welp, the rebates will go out in the mail on monday and I'll hopefully get my $20 in 6-8 weeks. If you're interested in capitalizing on the deal, you only have one day left. You have to make the trade-in by tomorrow and then mail the form before the 7th of January.
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