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My Canon SD770 IS arrived in the mail today. I was shocked at how small it was when I finally got it out of the box. It's tiny. I know that people usually bitch about their electronics being too large and smaller is better, but there is a limit, people. This thing was so small that it felt like a toy in my hands. Just holding it up to take a picture felt like I was playing with tinkertoys. It was hard to actually find a place to hold it with both hands where I wasn't pushing a button or obscuring some necessary camera part. It probably doesn't help that I have pretty big hands and pudgy fingers.

I'm also a bit concerned about the exposed LCD screen. On my old digital camera, the LCD screen was a flip out, which means that when not in use it was nice and protected inside the camera. This one is just sitting open on the back of the darn thing. I shudder to think about how easy it could get scratched up just in daily use, like, say if I had it in my pocket with my car keys or something. I'm going to have to find a cloth carry bag for it. My old camera bag certainly isn't going to work out now. The new camera would just rattle around in there like chucking a marble into a tin can.

Since I'm listing all of my complaints, I should also say that I really don't like the new battery charging system. I liked it better when you just had a nice and simple AC adapter and plugged your damn camera into the wall. Nice and easy. The way it works now though requires that you remove the battery from the camera and charge the battery in an adapter. It's not a huge big deal but it just means that I'm going to have to put the battery in and out and it could lead to a greater propensity of losing it. I guess the idea is that people buy multiple camera batteries nowadays. This way they can charge one up while the other is in the camera.

I took a couple of pictures just as a test and it seems to work just fine. I didn't notice any problems but I figure I'll get a better idea of the quality as time goes on. For all the complaining, it's still nice to have a new camera. It's only the second one I've ever owned and it's always a thrill to get new things.
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