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Lesbian bitchasaurus

What is it with Top Chef that they manage to find an overabundance of obnoxious lesbians? It's uncanny. Frankly, I'm sort of amazed that there are this many gay chefs out there to begin with. If the proportion on Top Chef held true for the general population, you would expect a gay population of 15-20%. When I mentioned this to a couple people at Randy's birthday party, Bill remarked that it's because they know their audience. I guess that could be true. If you're servicing the gay community as your audience, then you need to have gay individuals on the show. I'm just not sure where they find all these asshole lesbians.

Season 1: Tiffani

I don't think there was a single person who didn't loathe her bitchy ass. I still remember watching the season finale where they had that call in poll as to who should win Top Chef. The results were skewed in Harold's favor over 9 to 1.

Season 4: Zoi and Jennifer

My God were these two obnoxious or what? I can't be the only person who would have freaked if I heard Jennifer whine about doing it for Zoi one more time. This was going to be a train wreck having a couple on there. Hell, if there were going to do that as a gimmick they could have at least found a talented pair. Instead, all they did was whine nonstop. The best part is after all that angst on the show about being together, they broke up soon after.

Season 4: Lisa

What a fucking bitch cow. You just wanted to punch her in the face when she folded her arms and gave you that disgruntled cow chewing cud look. Even among the whole Lesbians to Loathe crowd, Lisa was something special. She's one of those people who if you saw her in the middle of a crosswalk, you'd feel obligated to the human race to hit the gas.

Season 5: Jamie

Ya, the season's still new and we're only a few episodes in but I think we've found our new lesbian bitchasaurus. She's already shown hints of that whining sort of arrogance we've come to expect from this crowd. It's only going to get worse as time goes on. She already spends at least 3-4 minutes an episode complaining about she hasn't won yet and how she deserves to win. I figure by the time we hit the midway point, it'll be a solid 10 minutes.

Crap, I'm watching the latest episode right now and they just announced Arien won. I'm watching for Jamie to explode into a gripe fest any minute. Wait for it....wait for it...'None of us expected anyone but me to win'. BINGO! What a bitch.
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