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SAM ISO Bi-J-C /w NK for BD LDR *

For the first time ever, the existence of Craig's list has actually resulted in a positive. I was finally able to foist off those cases of energy drink for some small pittance. It was harder than it should have been. All in all, I had to repost the item twice and the first two people who said they were interested flaked on me and never showed. I guess the third time's the charm. I just got finished exchanging the product for cash. Turns out the guy picked up some for himself, some for his dad, and he's going to try to flip the rest at some nascar convention or somesuch. I'm guessing these things must retail for around a buck fifty per pop, so it's not a bad profit margin if he can offload them.

Frankly, I just don't get energy drinks. That's probably mostly because I'm a non-responder when it comes to caffeine. I never get that pick-me-up boost that people are always talking about. The one time I gave caffeine a whirl was in college when I had a final I was completely unprepared for. I ended up popping 6 pills of vivarin that had been in that welcome-to-college-here's-a-shoebox-full-of-advertising-and-free-samples we all got at the start of the year. It didn't wake me up but it did put me into a zombified state where I couldn't sleep, but couldn't do anything else either. I ended up staggering to the final, stopping every block or so to vomit noisily into the bushes or whatever was at hand. I still remember puking into a waterfountain at one point on my journey. Anyway, suffice to say that I failed my Physics II final exam and I never trusted caffine again.

In addition to not having any pleasant stimulant effects, the amount of calories in a can of this stuff is insane. Six pack of energy drink vs ice cream sundae, and it's not even close. Not that you're forced to one or the other, but it just seems to be a huge mismatch.

So now that I'm done with the energy drinks, all the Wii's are on their way, the lego advent calenders are long gone, and I sold most of Connie's knickknacks for her, all I need is to find something new to flip to keep myself occupied. I picked up 10 copies of Blokus 3D at a good price and I'll see how those go. If I can't find anyone who wants to pay for them, they'll make for nice Christmas presents. Blokus 3D is based on Rumis, which I got a chance to try at Ubercon. It's not a bad game at all, and usually I'm not one for spatial puzzles. I'm not exactly bad at them, it's just that I prefer not to use my brain any more than necessary when playing board games. Anything that requires actual thought and concentration over an extended period of time is usually a downer.

* In case you were curious, that would translate as a Single/Straight Asian male in search of a Bisexual Jewish couple with no kids for Bondage-dominance long distance relationship. Disturbing, eh?
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