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I feel like crap warmed over

It always sucks when you're incredibly sleepy and you're stuck waiting around for pills to kick in. There are certain things that should not go together. For some reason, sushi and ice cream immediately comes to mind as an example. Another pairing that should not be is a muddleheaded sleepy exhaustion mixed with periodic stabbing pain. It's just not going to sell.

Yesterday was a game day at the Panera. I arrived a bit later than I was expecting because of candysandwich. I was completely enraptured with the nigga fridge.

Because who couldn't use a few extra pairs of vagina panties, right? Frankly, I just don't think I could be bothered to keep a fridge stocked like that. I'm going to ignore al the other prominent reasons and conclude that the lack of this fridge-o-plenty is the reason there aren't vagina panties all over this hiz'ouse.

Anyway, upon getting to the Panera, things were pretty par for the course. We played a game of transamerica and then one of St Petersburg with the new expansion. The latter qualifies as the ripoff of the year btw. MSRP over twenty dollars and all you get are a couple wooden bits and a small deck of cards. A factory full of Indonesian kids are probably churning out complete sets for around a buck fifty per unit. I don't mind a reasonable profit, but this is price gouging pure and simple. Fuck you, Jay from Rio Grande. It doesn't help that they put the handful of pieces into a box 5 times too big so it seems as if there is more value to it.

For all that I think the expansion was a ripoff, I actually found the gameplay with 5 players sort of interesting. St Petersburg has become one of those games that I can play on autopilot before now. I know, more or less, what I and everyone else is going to do on their turn. The only randomness is in which cards pop up. The expansion has added a lot of uncertainty back. Well, until we play it a dozen more times and figure out all of the ins and outs.

After that the Bills ended up having to leave to playtest caterers. They always have their annual Christmas/Holiday party catered and the guy they've used in previous years has gotten too pricey so they're looking for a replacement. A relative was having a party and invited them along to sample the cuisine and see if they want to use the same company. Frankly, I think they should just save the money and get the whole thing catered by Subway. Many of the other attendees are probably more discerning but I don't really care what I end up eating. Just slop me regularly and I'm indifferent whether I'm munching prime rib or a pile of ham and cheese sandwiches. Besides, a penny saved is a penny earned.

After the Bills left, those of us who remained ran through a game of Year of the Dragon (which I have subtitled: It's not easy being Chinese) and Alhambra. YotD is one of those games where you constantly have to make hard decisions. Bad things are constantly happening and you're forced to decide who amongst your courtiers must get the axe. It's a good strategy game, but just heavy on the doom and gloom.

Welp, I think those meds are finally doing their thing so I'm going to go to bed.
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