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Booth shot Lincoln

Well, I just spent 2 hours with Mister Trick. For those that don't remember him, this bio might help:

Mr. Trick was Sunnydale's major villain for the first part of season 3. He was portrayed by K. Todd Freeman. Mr. Trick, a creative and technology centered demon, started as the vampire second in control to Kakistos--a vampire so old his feet and hands were cloven. After Kakistos was killed, Mr. Trick took over. He was quickly recruited by the Mayor to work for his team and was the head of the Mayor's security team for several episodes before he was staked by Faith in the episode, "Consequences." K. Todd Freeman has had roles in films such as Gross Point Blank, The End Of Violence, House Arrest, and Eraser. He's had other TV roles in such shows as NYPD Blue, and Strange Luck.

This time around he was at the steppenwolf ( sharing the lead in a two man play. His character was named Booth and his brother was Lincoln. Not surprisingly, guess who caps the other person at the end of the play. Overall, I didn't care for "Topdog/Underdog". It was confusing and I didn't see a clear take home message. Angst-ridden, profane, and almost nonsensical. It certainly isn't something I can recommend seeing.

I went with Anitra, a grad student from the lab, and one of her friends who is also at the U of C. We ended up buying season tickets to the steppenwolf along with a student broadway package that includes tickets to the lion king which I'm looking forward to. The problem is that our seats for the show bites. I guess you do get what you pay for and 70 dollars for 4 shows means I have to get a pair of binoculars for sure.

On a positive note, I finally picked up a mc donalds monopoly board and I've begun sticking the game pieces to it. I noticed that they cut the quality of the board and now it's a flimsy pamphlet-like thing rather than actually a fold out monopoly board. I was looking over the prizes and realized that there's not much there I really want, even if I could win something which is damn unlikely. The big screen tv would be nice but god knows what I would do with most of the other crud if I actually ended up with it.

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