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Gizzards, gristle and gore

I miss chicken McNuggets. Not the chicken McNuggets you find nowadays with their 100% breast meat. I miss the old school McNuggets stuffed with all the miscellaneous chicken parts that were leftover. They were a conglomerate of sinew and odd chewy bits that you knew you should swallow rather than taking out of your mouth to get a look at. It might have been a bit disturbing but back then the McNuggets had taste and texture.

I just hate it when companies change foods to make them 'better for you'. Lets face it, if we were worried about eating healthy we wouldn't be fucking having McDonalds in the first place. If I'm going to eat it, then I want it to taste good regardless of how many gibblets and beaks there might be in it. It reminds me of when they stopped frying french fries in animal fat. McDonalds fries used to be fantastic. They were little, melt-in-your-mouth sticks of joy. All of that is gone now as the food nazi's forced them to switch over to vegetable oil.

Life was much simpler, not to mention better, when I was a kid.
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