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You always get Wii'd on

There's always some sort of problem when selling those damn Wii's. It never fails. In this case, I just got an email from someone in bumfuck nowhere who had purchased one and was sending me odd info. They seem to claim that they made a mistake in chosing their payment type and that instead of charging the Wii to a credit card, they had used a bank account instead. I'm not sure how they expect me to fix something like that but they actually gave me their credit card number through email. Through EMAIL! They had also included a phone number so I decided to call over and see what was up. I ended up speaking with what sounded like a total bumkin. It seems that his daughter had borrowed his credit card to make the purchase and he's completely out of the loop. He was just concerned that the Wii had not arrived. He claimed to have no idea what a tracking number is. When I checked the tracking number myself I found it had been delivered a couple of days ago. No good can come of this.

On the plus side, they don't appear to be scammers. Scammers don't usually send you their credit card number through email for shits and giggles. It seems to be more a function of general confusion and I hope it sorts itself out. Like I've said before, the margins on this stuff is small enough that it's really not worthwhile when you add any other issues on top of it.
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