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One poor invisible girl

I was bored and wandering the Add_Me communities when I ran across a really unique entry. For those of you who've ever been on one of those communities, the posts tend to all be very similar. People give their general stats and then follows a huge list of their likes and dislikes and other pieces of color in an attempt to get other people to add them. There's this facet of trying to sell yourself to the population at large so that you can find the people who would fit your LJ the best.

That being said, I'd like to introduce you to the add_me post of oneinvisiblegrl here. I was really impressed with it. As I said in the comments, I've never seen an add_me entry that was so standoffish and barren of detail. It's not even one of those perky, short and friendly sort of 'Hi! add me please!' entries. Sadly, I don't think oneinvisiblegrl appreciated my point of view on this. I'm sort of curious what sort of venting she does on her LJ or if it's as bland as her entry has been. If any of you out there feel so inclined, why not friend her and let me know if she actually has a personality. I have to admit that I'm really sort of curious now.
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