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Sisterhood of the traveling pants suit

I'm not sure if 'sisterhood' is completely apt but I know this guy has a huge gaping vagina.

The $54 million pants suit unravels again

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- A court Thursday rejected an appeal filed by a former administrative law judge who sued a dry cleaners for $54 million over a missing pair of pants.

The District of Columbia Court of Appeals "ruled resoundingly in favor of the Chung family and denied Mr. Roy Pearson's appeal of the case completely," said Christopher Manning, an attorney for the Chung family, who own Custom Cleaners.

"The D.C. Court of Appeals held that the trial court correctly ruled that Mr. Pearson's claims had no merit whatsoever," he added.

The Chungs have "some level of relief," Manning told CNN, "but they won't count Mr. Pearson out for at least trying to torment them further" with future appeals.

"We are very happy with the result and thank everyone for supporting us," Jin Chung said in a statement issued by Manning. "The past three years have been very difficult, but we hope this nightmare is finally over."

Pearson initially sought $67 million from the Chungs, calculating the amount by estimating years of legal violations, adding nearly $2 million in common law claims for fraud.

He claimed millions of dollars in attorney fees and millions more in punitive damages for what he called fraudulent advertising under the law. He also claimed that a sign in the store's window promising "satisfaction guaranteed" was an unconditional warranty that required the defendants to honor any claim by any customer without limitation.

"It is the Chungs' hope that Mr. Pearson will not attempt to appeal any further and will end his frivolous and baseless attacks on the Chung family," Manning wrote in the statement.

"The 3½ years this case has been pending and appealed have been very difficult for the Chungs," he said. "They lost two of their dry cleaning stores and their realization of the American dream."

He said the family wants to "quietly return to their one remaining small dry-cleaning store ... to rebuild their lives."

I can't believe that this case is still around and that no one's successfully beaten this guy to death. If you ever need an example that our legal system is broken and why we need tort reform, this is it. It's frightening to believe that a family's decades of hard work could be destroyed by one single asshole with a law degree. The fact that he keeps successfully getting his appeals heard drives me nuts. The sooner we switch to a system where the loser of a lawsuit pays for the legal fees of both sides the better.

So, if anyone sees this guy walking down the street one day. Please. For the love of God. Punch him in the cunt for me.
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