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Next up: Rip Van Winkle

I seem to have misplaced a day somewhere. I'm not sure exactly where I lost it but I could have sworn today was Wednesday. Well, not today, today since it's actually after midnight. Yesterday today, which I thought was Wednesday but was actually Thursday and is in fact now Friday since it's past midnight.

I'm not sure exactly how I ended up losing track nor when it happened exactly. It's sort of disturbing really. I mean, all of time is really just human perception in the end. We slice it up into manageable chunks and pieces with semantics until we feel comfortable with it. In the end, there's very little to separate one day from any other without the daily cues that most people have and I currently lack. It sort of reminds me of that one winter break in college where I went an entire two weeks without seeing the sun.

BTW, what are those little spicy meat pockets called? They always end up on trays of h'ordeurves and for some reason I think they might be Jamaican in origin. They sorta look like small chimichangas. All of a sudden, I could really go for a bunch of those.
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