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As the world turns

I am bored out of my mind right now. Of all the things that I could do, I don't wanna do any of them. I'm thinking I might have to just dial random numbers into the cell phone and see who answers. Like, who would have the number 867-5309 in each area code? How many do you think would really be named Jenny?

I is bored. BORED.


Don't you hate it when you find an entry on IMDB but there's no useful information?

I think I would like to watch A Peanus Christmas Special. Too bad it looks like it's not even out yet. It might have been a boredom killer.

Turns out it is available.

Lets watch it together.

Lucy was never even close to being that fucking hot. I wonder if she's going to pull his balls away now.

Doh. Sort of hit that one on the nose.

You sometimes have to wonder why Charlie Brown didn't just go on a rampage killing everyone.

Crap. Looks like I just called that too.
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