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Screwed by fate

Someone posted overnight on slick deals that their local Shoprite (A regional grocery chain) had Sony PSP's on Manager's Special for only $99.99 a pop, and that there were still 4-5 left. It just so happens that Shelley was going to be heading in the same general direction this morning to teach a pharmacy class in Bethlehem, PA. I had been hoping that she could swing by on her way there to snag them but she was running late as it was. With no other alternatives, I popped my pills and struggled out there to clear the piles of ice and snow on the car. I figured the 100 mile round trip was worth it if the PSPs were actually available. I also needed to get there as early as possible so that other people didn't scoop up the goods. I just spent 30 minutes outside in the bitter cold wearing sandals and a t-shirt trying to bash enough ice off the car so I didn't end up wrecking myself. I just managed to clear enough so I could set off and wasn't even halfway down the street when Shelley's car appeared coming the other way. Turns out her windshield wipers weren't working right and she had come back hoping to swap cars. So, what could I do? I gave her the car and I limped my way back into the house to complain about it.

She did say she would stop by the Shoprite after her class was over, so around noonish. I figure the chances that anything's still there is slim to none but it's worth a try. Oh well.

Alright. Now I'm pissed. I just got a call from Shelley. Turns out her class was canceled and since she couldn't find the Shoprite on her GPS she just decided to say fuck it and come home. WTF?
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