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Karmic U-Turn

So, when I last left you viewers, you were enthralled and dismayed that our protagnoist had missed out on his chance for cheap PSPs and angered that his sister had failed to live up to her contractual obligations. We now rejoin our story, already in progress.

I ended up calling the Shoprite and they said they still had a few in stock at the price I had read about online. This was around 9:30am and I decided that since Shelley was unreliable, I would make the trip myself. I called her and made her come home so she could give me back the car and then I set off for the 50 mile journey to Washington, NJ. The trip took quite a while and in my haste I had not printed out a map nor taken my cell phone. I had simply glanced at the google map output and memorized the highway numbers. I had a feeling in my gut that I was racing against the devil. I was certain that there were tons of other deal hunters in the area who had seen the post and no doubt were making the same trek there to snipe the deal. I felt like I was involved in some sort of cannonball run.

I rolled into the parking lot around 10:20 am, convinced that each person entering the store was making their way in there to buy PSPs. Luckily, all of that ended up being paranoia. I have no clue how many they had at the start of the day, but I was able to buy 3 of them without any problems. As I was chitchatting with the pharmacist on staff and just turning to leave, a man walked past who I assumed was her manager. He told her to sell the lot to me if I wanted them. It turns out that she had lied to me about the number of units they had in stock. There had been some sort of policy about only letting a person buy four. With the manager's consent, she went rummaging and came up with another 4 units which I also bought. So in the end, I walked out with 7 PSPs. They charged me a couple extra bucks for tax on each than they should have, but I wasn't going to argue about it at that point. All in all, I picked up each for $109.09 and that's a steal no matter how you slice it.

I made my way home, celebrating along the way with a sausage and egg mcgriddle and an egg mcmuffin. Things turned out pretty well after all.

Oh, and I got home to a barrage of emails and phone calls from my discover card spamming me with fraud alerts. Apparently they found the idea that I would all of a sudden spend near $800 at a supermarket sort of disturbing and indicative of possible fraud. That would be a hell of a lot of groceries. Or, well, about 5 pounds of that Wagyu Beef.

Yay! It's only been half a day and I already have my first Craigslist scammer. I think I'll play this one out a bit and see what happens.

Thanks for your reply, i am a very busy man thats why, can you ship to Africa for me to my lovely wife who is on a missionary trip there for our church with my son and i pay you with paypal since it secures both buyer and seller, and you can confirm payment from your account before you ship? is it possible?i will pay you for all extra charges and also for shipment to make sure you get your exact amount for the sale.

Hope to read from you soon.
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