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All but one of the PSPs are gone already. They've been going like hotcakes. I always feel a bit ambivalent when something sells well. On one hand, I'm happy to get rid of the items. On the otherhand, the fact they're moving so quickly probably means I didn't charge enough for them. I always have this fear that I'm going to get stuck with some of these items if I don't price them really competitively. It's amazing how many sellers on ebay are trying to sell their PSP's for around $50 more than I'm asking. I guess it's that old adage that there's a sucker born every minute and they're all hoping a sucker walks through their door.

Speaking of getting stuck with inventory, I've still got 7 copies of Blokus 3D sitting around. It seems clear that they aren't going to move as stocking stuffers. It's just good that I got it cheap andd if all else fails, I can still use them as presents. I wouldn't be adverse to the idea of keeping a copy myself. Playing Rumis at Ubercon was sort of fun, even if I did end up getting my ass handed to me both times I played.

I'm also thinking that maybe it'd be worthwhile to keep one of the PSP's for myself as a backup. There's notta wrong with the one I've got but I'm a little worried about finding a PSP 2000 once the 3000's flood the market. There are huge graphical issues with the new system and Sony has no intention of fixing them. According to them, the scan line defects are a 'hardware feature', which doesn't make much sense at all. Labeling a defect as a feature still makes it a defect. I had been looking forward to upgrading in the next few months but with those sort of reported problems, I think I'm going to pass. I guess I can always buy a PSP 2000 off of ebay if I need to when the time comes. Hopefully by then it might be possible to snag one for better than $109 a pop.
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