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Last year around this time I posted a couple of videos of an acapella group that was going around on youtube. I was sort of lamenting the fact that I had never gotten the opportunity to try something like that. Well, I haven't all of a sudden joined a barbershop quartet or anything, but it seems that some people's fortune has drastically changed. I just saw an article on CNN about the group, Straight No Chaser:

NEW YORK (CNN) -- What started as a college a cappella pastime became a ticket to the big time for 10 Indiana University graduates.

Last year a member of the disbanded group -- called Straight No Chaser -- posted a video of a quirky 1998 performance of "The 12 Days of Christmas" on YouTube. It got more than 8 million hits. And one of the people watching was Craig Kallman, chairman and CEO of Atlantic Records.

Kallman summoned a couple of the troupe members to Los Angeles, where he offered them a record deal. Straight up. The boys (now men, of course) got back together and within 10 months -- and almost 10 years after graduation -- had a debut album neatly tied with a bow.

And you thought your college reunion was exciting.

"Holiday Spirits" mostly features festive covers such as "Santa Claus Is Coming to Town" and "Silent Night," all sung in the a cappella tradition but with creative and entertaining tweaks. (They do a stirring Christmas-infused rendition of Toto's "Africa.")

The article goes on to interview some of the members, talking about their change in fortunes. Pretty spiffy really.
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