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A hodge podge

I haven't been sleeping all that well lately, as I've mentioned at least a couple times. Surprisingly, it's not as much as a result of chronic pain issues, which have caused many of my bouts with insomnia. Instead, it just seems that I can't stay asleep for very long no matter how tired I might be. Sometimes I wake up because my sleeping position has caused back aches, but usually there is no discernible cause.

I've ended up using the extra hours of consciousness to finally sort and burn my audiobook collection. You wouldn't believe how much time that takes since I'm slightly anal about the process. All of the files have to be RAR'ed up and named just right. I also have to re-encode some of the mp3's when the size or format isn't right. The saddest part is that for all the time I'll spend working on these files, the odds are good I'll never get around to listening to most of them. It's just my old obsession with collecting things manifesting itself in a different way. I used to collect anime back in college/grad school and I must've had at least several thousand hours of the stuff. I finally threw all of it out, chucking almost 800 burned CD's, having only watched perhaps 2% of what I had.

I'm also still feeling that happy glow from finally figuring out that Flip Mino problem. The quality is great compared to what it was and I'm just so damned pleased about it. It's definitely going to encourage me to take more video in the future. I'm not sure whether it's worth posting to LJ as much as other forums, but we'll see how it goes.

Oh, and the Bill's holiday party is later today. I guess one of the advantages of this no sleep thing is I can be prettys ure I won't oversleep for it. It should be lotsa fun and I'm looking forward to it. I'm definitely going to pack the camera and Flip and take a few shots while I'm there.
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